Subscriber Questionnaire

In preparation for our July 7th Big Event – We would like to let the participating bank know who we are.   PLEASE Read and fill out the below questionnaire.

Our nonprofit is called the “Black Enterprise Resource Center” (BERC).   We are a coalition of Black business professionals creating sustainable pathways for small businesses’ success. Our Think Tank-style support group brings vital professionals to the development table.  BERC assists small emerging businesses in backend sustainable functions such as accounting, federal and state procurement, compliance, business strategy, legal resources, etc. 

In addition, our wrap-around program provides a safe space for BIPOC mental health in business, career development, and navigating through with an interactive heuristic approach.    We aim to create sustainable pathways for BIPOC small businesses to close the economic wealth gap.

Please take time to become a subscriber of your  This is your organization; we are here to benefit each others business and personal growth and development.  Please fill out the questionnaire below.

Subscriber Questionnaire

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